Unveiling monument held at Fujita Takeshi's birth place in Shimane

June 11, 2017

Fujita Takeshi (1917-72) who was born in Shin-Onsencho, Hyogo Prefecture next to Kyoto, was a well-known Deaf Japanese-style painter as well as an educator of the Deaf. 

Unveiling a monument was held at Fujita's birthplace in commemoration of the 100th year since his birth on June 10. His Deaf wife Takako (94) and her two daughters attended the event. (photo) 

Fujita got ill at the age of eight and lost hearing two years later. After graduating from Kyoto Prefecture School for the Deaf junior high school where he majored in painting, he became a painter.  Fujita returned home because of his father's sudden death in 1945. He got married to Takako who was also from the same school in the next year.

Fujita taught painting at Shimane Prefecture School for the Deaf and others,  
as well as he served as one of the board directors of Japanese Federation of the Deaf, endeavoring to promote social involvement of the Deaf community. He died at the age of 55 at his home in Hamada-shi, Shimane Prefecture in 1972. 

Life of Fujita and his wife was a model of the movie titled "Nameless, Poor, Beautiful" directed by Matsuyama Zenzo in 1961. 

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