Private cramming schools for Deaf students aiming at academic or social leadership
June 14, 2017

The private cramming school which supports the Deaf person who wishes for university entrance was established at all part after the persons with disabilities discrimination banishment law carried out in April, 2016.

"Deaf Academy," a private cramming school for Deaf students in Kyoto-shi, was established in April this year to produce a social top leader from the Deaf young generation. At the middle of May, six  third graders have entered. For three hours they learn "skills development," "counseling," "subjects (mathematics, Japanese, etc)." The monthly fee per a child is 13,500 yen.

The classes of the skills development focus on mainly a visual stimulus and memories as the curriculum. A Deaf teacher of the mathematics class uses sign language. (photo)

"The Private Cramming School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students" in Tokyo supports a Deaf person with successful university/collage entrance examination. Japan School of Social Work in Kiyose-shi, Tokyo started the course in 2009 as a support project. 27 students mainly who are a senior of  junior high school or high school attend a lecture every Friday.

To secure the individual level at the said cramming school, a Deaf lecturer uses sign language directly, and for a hearing lecturer interpreting is provided. 

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