Deaf man in Osaka active to promote awareness on LGBT
July 7, 2017

Kokubun Yutaka, 45, a Deaf resident in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka Prefecture, is an HIV patient and a homosexual. (photo) He has been active to enhance awareness in the Deaf community about LGBT, the various nature, too.

Kokubun, born to a Deaf family in Fukushima Prefecture, was brought up by his grandmother at her home since he was an elementary pupil. She believed oral method would help her grandson develop his speech ability. 

During his high school days, Kokubun felt a kind of love for a male leader in club activities, but it was when he was 26 years old he realized he was a homosexual himself.

Kokubun learned about the Tokyo Rainbow Festival which male homosexuals gathered in Tokyo, in which he participated. Then he felt:"That is what I am, too!" And, excitement didn't cool for him. He soon made a friend and a lover who were Deaf.

At 30 years old, Kokubun learned that he was infected by HIV as the result of a check in a health center. He once thought of killing himself at a moment, but continued to received the treatment.  Two years later, he met the man aged 46. They have lived together.

Kokubun moved to Osaka taking the opportunity that the man was relocated in 2015. While holding a sign language class, Kokubun tells the Deaf that there is various nature, LGBT.

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