Deaf city council member asks for more barrier free environment
July 3, 2017

 "The ways of communication for those who are hearing loss varies, such as a hearing aid, sign language, writing and others. I ask you to arrange right support  system according to the needs of the person with hearing loss."

Sato Makoto, 37, (photo) a deaf city council member stood for a general question and appealed to the mayor and fellow members at the general assembly meeting of Toda-shi, Saitama Prefecture on June 9.

An answer from the administration is made through the voice recognition system that voice is changed to the caption, and interpreting as well.
Sato lost hearing when he was very sick at the age of two. He put on a hearing aid and was trained by an oral method since then. He learned sign language after he became an office worker after finishing high school.

His experience with the USA two years ago when he visited was so a big opportunity that he determined to become a politician.

Sato ran as an independent candidate for Toda-shi council election in January, 2017.  He appealed to make Toda-shi a barrier-free society, and won his first election.

Sato is the fourth Deaf local councilor in the whole country, and the first one in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo.

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