Sign language club for child rearing mother celebrates 10th anniversary

Maruyama (front center)
May 27, 2017

A Deaf mother, Maruyama Kiyomi, started the child rearing sign language club named "Pingu" in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan's northern island. Deaf and hearing mothers with their children enjoy sharing a time at the same time as learning sign language.

Maruyama who was bringing up her baby was unable to follow conversation in other child-rearing club. She started a club with two mothers who were able to sign in April, 2007.

A Deaf mother, and a hearing mother who was interested in sign language while  rearing her children joined in the club one after another.

The club celebrated its 10th anniversary of establishment this year. (photo)  Currently 13 sets of mother with children aged 20-40s, and Maruyama and others aged 30-50s belong to the club. Among them there are four Deaf mothers.

Hearing mothers commented: "There aren't other places where you can take a child and interchange by sign language. I'm enjoying myself very much," "An ambiguity isn't to Deaf persons, and they are clear about likes and dislikes. We are learning Deaf culture". 

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