Sapporo-shi to discuss Sign Language Regulation with Deaf organization

June 6, 2017

Sapporo-shi in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, made the policy on June 5 which places sign language as a language and considers establishment of "Sign Language Regulation" aiming at improvement of Deaf persons' right.

The City Office has aimed at developing a policy on the regulation which communication means of the person with disabilities, such as sign language as well as braille and the transliteration, incorporated widely at first. The policy was changed because a Deaf group arose a question.

The city will discuss a legal text with the group; such as a phrase "Sign language has its own language system", "the city enforces the policy to promote understanding of sign language," and others. The regulation establishment time is uncertain.

In Hokkaido 13 municipalities of autonomous bodies including Ishikari-shi and Shintoku-cho have established a sign language regulation as of April 20.

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