Library arranges human services staff for the Deaf to encourage use library


Nagano Prefecture Sign Language Regulation has been carried out since March, 2016, and promotion of understanding of sign language and its users, and the spread of sign language are an issue of the local community.

Suzaka Library in the prefecture arranged two staff for a human services in charge,  planning improvement of the use environment from a more welfare point of view.

A group of Deaf persons visited Suzaka Library with members of Suzaka Sign Language Club on May 25. Almost all seven Deaf visitors were a beginner, and some applied for a personal user card first.

Suzaka Sign Language Club has made a group user card of the Suzaka Library earlier this year. With the card the club can borrow at most 30 books for a month. Because the request from the Deaf club members were interested to select a book to read by themselves, the visit to the library came true as a part of the club regular activity.

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