Afghan woman with artificial leg to visit Japan after 14 years

June 2, 2017

The movie titled "I Love Peace" about the Deaf woman who aims at a certified  artificial limb equipment producer makes an artificial leg for a land mine victim while building trustful relationship with the girl by gestures. The movie was taken in Shimane and Afghanistan in 2003. Even it showed in Afghanistan in 2005, too.

The Afghan girl who appeared on the movie lost her right leg by a land mine at the age of four. Afifa, 24, is going to visit Japan in the end of June after 14 years to get herself a new artificial leg in Oda-shi, Shimane Prefecture located in western Japan.

The manufacturer "Nakamura Brace" which produces artificial limb and an equipment in the city, used as a stage of the movie, will present Afifa a new artificial leg.

The exchange between Afifa and Nakamura Brace have stopped for a long time. The president of the said maker received an e-mail from Afifa in January this year. "My artificial leg broke, and no one could fix it. Please help me." It was revealed that her artificial leg didn't match any more by her growth and worsened quality of the artificial leg.

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