Video on sign language used at the time of flood damage introduced
May 27, 2017
The "Chiyokawa Basin Zone Meeting" made with officials and the people in the Tottori Prefecture East developed a video titled the "sign language for protection against disasters" which appeals Deaf persons for evacuation at the time of flood damage occurrence.

"Run away!" Both arms are shaken big to the direction for run away. (photo)

17 vocabularies such as "Run away!" "A river is flooded", which are made of both gestures and sign language are introduced for quick escape in case of emergency.

The protection against disasters signs were made by the meeting with cooperation of the Prefecture Association of the Deaf in response to the Sign Language Regulation establishment in 2013. 

Risk of failing to escape is high because escape information by a protection against disasters administrative radio fails to transmit through local Deaf persons. When the person who lives in the neighborhood uses a disaster-related sign, it'll be possible to appeal to the Deaf for immediate escape.

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