Training material for promotion of sign language at school published by Education Board in Chiba Prefecture

May 19, 2017

Chiba Prefecture Education Board, located near Tokyo, published the material which will be used for the sign language training in promotion of sign language at school on May 18.

The training material explains basic idea and a policy of the law related to a person with disabilities including discriminatory prohibition regulations and the prefecture policy as well as consideration of a person who is Deaf or hearing impaired.

As the special quality of the hearing impaired person and consideration are mentioned:
- Dissemination of visual information such as the characters and figures.
- Communicate according to the need of the person who are Deaf/deaf such as sign language, summary note-taking and writing.
- Confirm whether the contents of communication are clearly understood.
- Keep the distance to see the move of the mouth, etc. clearly.

The important points when using sign language are mentioned:
- Convey what you want to tell in a place where one can see clearly.
- The use of facial expression is important.
- Use voice also while signing.
- Understand sign language can be expressed in several ways. 
Easy sign language expressions and the explanation of a manual alphabet are also included.

The material for a workshop can be used such as a sliding material, copy distribution for participants and a notebook.

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