Slow spread of mobile emergency reporting system for persons with disabilities introduced in Akita
May 17, 2017

Akita-shi is using "Web 119 Emergency Reporting System" for a person with disability including Deaf persons (photo), the only city in Akita Prefecture located in northern part of Japan.

The Fire-Defence Agency has suggested introduction of "Web 119 emergency reporting system" to a fire fighting head office in the whole country, which was introduced in Akita at the time of its system renewal in April, 2016.

Registrants for one year are 28. The registration number is stagnating because 
it appears difficult for the person unused with the Internet. There are some ideas on how to improve the mobile system such like pushing one button to call for emergency report. 

Fire-Defence Agency officials say that about 20 percent which introduced the mobile emergency system at a fire fighting head office across Japan. It can be inconvenient for a Deaf person who goes out for travel or work outside the area of the fire fighting head office, unable to use the mobile emergency system. 

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