Major life insurer to get credit of manners in customer special quality

President (front) spoke, "While being on a wheelchair, 
I understood how a person with disabilities feel". 
May 19, 2017

To practice of behavior in an effort to meet the needs of a client with disabilities,  about 7,200 executives and regular employees including the president of Daido Life Insurance aim to acquire the "universal official approval third class of manners" which Japanese Universal Manners Society sponsors.

According to the society, attendance by the staff will be the largest. The seminar will be held seven times until February, 2018. 

The first lecture was held at the Tokyo headquarters on May 1 through a video conference system from Osaka headquarters and branch offices across Japan with 1,800 persons.

The persons who have acquired the third class are 26,000 so far according to the Society, and the number of enterprises and organizations has reached 400.

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