Deaf soccer player aims at being Japanese Leaguer
May 1, 2017

Nishi Daisuke, 18, who is Deaf,  has joined Verusupa Oita, a soccer team belonging to the Japanese Football League this season. (photo: center)

Since unable to hear around during a game, he remembers movements and ways of teammates to make up. Nishi has practiced hard aiming at play in the League.

 Born in Tokushima-shi, part of western Japan, Nishi has been Deaf since then. When he was a first grader, he joined a local soccer club. Nishi eyes following a teammate's movement patiently in soccer.

He persevered in school life exceedingly. He attended a hearing school later, but there was hardly a companion at school because there was no one who use sign language. So Nishi mastered oral communication when he was at a junior high school.

His skill to play soccer was also improved. When he was a junior high school student, he belonged to the youth group of Tokushima Verusupa, a local professional soccer team. Nishi was a high school student, leading d his team to the Tokushima Prefecture high school soccer tournament as a starting member. 

Nishi participated in test practice by Verusupa Oita in August , 2016. Coach Sano noticed Nishi running after a ball desperately with former leaguers, and decided to admit him to the team. JFL officials says they have never heard about a Deaf person admitted to JFL.

Nishi works at a camera component facility from 6:00am to 2:00pm before going to practice.

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