Deaf rugby player aims at playing regularly
May 5, 2017

A rugby fixed period competition of Waseda University and University of Tokyo took place at Waseda University ground in Tokyo on April 15. 

Although the Waseda University team was leveled as the third class, the game was  traditional one as a regular season game.

FL Kishino Kaede, a Deaf sophomore of Waseda University, played in the game. (photo) He is probably the first Deaf player in the rugby team in Waseda University's 99 year history. He usually puts on a hearing aid, but removes it during practice or a game.

KIshino made up with image making for the game more carefully than his hearing teammates and also burst into breakdown (ball scramble after a tackle) daringly. He held a ball tightly, playing until the second half for 30 minutes, contributing to an easy victory of 55-3.

Kishino commented, "My goal this year is to get a regular position at a match in autumn. I'd like to be a member of my team aiming at the best one in Japan".

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