Bandannas produced to support Deaf community in emergency

 (photo 1)

(photo 2)

April 21, 2017

The Ota City Office in Gunma Prefecture north of Tokyo made a bandanna for the purpose of immediate support to the Deaf community in emergency such as a disaster, etc. and distributed it to Deaf persons. (photo 2) 

The city disability welfare department says It is for the first time that such a bandanna was made by the autonomous body in the prefecture.

Also at the same time, the Asaka City Office in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo made 24 bandannas that meet the needs of the Deaf community in support during  emergency such as disaster immediately, distributing them to interpreters and sign language club members in the city. (photo 1) 

Both the bandannas were designed in order to be folded half when to use, with the large-printed phrases "I am Deaf," or "Interpreting Available".

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