Princess attends national junior high school opinion contest

November 13, 2016

The "National Junior High School Opinion Contest" that a junior high school student remarks through a daily experience was held in Tokyo on November 13. Princess Kako, the second daughter of Prince and Princess Akishinonomiya attended, too. (photo)

Twelve junior high school students chosen from the applicants across Japan gave their own opinion at the 38th contest this year.

The welfare and concerning with a person with disabilities as  theme were most presented. The boy who was a first-year  student stated with sign language from his own experience with his Deaf grandparents who took care of him: "It is necessary not to regard a disability as special, but to accept each other." 

The girl who was a third-year student used sign language, too when making an opinion. "I accept my hearing impairment as the individuality and believe communicating with a person is important." She was chosen the best at the event.

Princess Kako, who has learned sign language and attended a national high school sign language performance contest, was listening to opinion of each junior high school student eagerly.

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