Deaf school drama club to challenge national high school drama contest

November 6, 2016  
A member practices

Only one of the about 2000 schools aiming at the National High School Drama Contest scheduled for summer in 2017 is the Nara School for the Deaf located in Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara Prefecture near Kyoto.

The school drama club has worked the original style performed through both sign language and subtitles out in order to get over "the wall of language". "We want to show charm of our sign language play." The drama club members will join the Prefecture Tournament held in Nara-shi on November 6.

Founded in 2004, both high and junior high school students come into practice together. In a past play, they tried to use voice at first, but a judge pointed out, "why don't you make use of the uniqueness of your sign language?". So when the members challenged only by sign language, it didn't get right  this time, either.

The club members and its advisor studied how to express in the play, and now that they learned by trial and established the method in 2006. After a while the drama club successfully challenged through an area contest every year, and advance now towards a prefecture tournament. The drama club also appeared in a Kinki region contest three times.

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