Actress requests interpreting for Deaf grandparents while appearing on TV interview

November 10, 2016

The anecdote about NHK's TV program titled "Family History" about an actress Saito Yuki, 50, aired on November 10 became clear. (photo)

Saito Yoshio, her grandfather of a mother's side, became sick and lose hearing at the age of two. He got over difficulties and became a craftsman professed in an obi, a broad Japanese sash for a kimono. He worked hard for advocacy of the Deaf community with his Deaf wife, which was commended from the Government.

When Yuki appeared first in the TV program titled "Tetsuko's Room" in 1986, she requested for sign-language interpreting for her Deaf grandparents, which was consented.

However, Yoshio has died three days before the broadcast. While a funeral was prepared, according to Yuki's aunt, the  program was broadcast.

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