Watercolor painting exhibited by Deaf woman with view of life and death

October 6, 2016 

A born-Deaf illustrator Shikata Misato, 35, a Nishinomiya-shi resident in Hyogo Prefecture, displays her watercolor painting in "GALERIA TAKARAZUKA" in Takarazuka-shi on October 6-19. (photo)

She included the outlook on life grown during living with disability in her 16 works in the vivid colors. 

Shikata went to London soon after graduation from high school, because she wanted to get away from stuffy Japan and to see the outside world." However, it didn't work and she returned home after half year. Breast cancer was detected at the age of 26 while she worked part-time with rolling on. Anxiety collected.

She began thinking, "Has something been done and have I not left anything? I want to express myself how I have forced my  disability into an excuse." And she draw a picture.

Works by Shikata are challenging an expression of the unknown world as before birth and after death against the background of the Buddhist view of life and death.

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