Princesses attend National Deaf Education Conference opening ceremony

October 13, 2016

Princess Kiiko, the wife of Prince Akishinonomiya who is Crown Prince's younger brother, and thier eldest daughter Princess Mako attended the opening ceremony of the 50th National Deaf Education Conference held at the Wayo University auditorium in Konodai, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo on October 13. 

About 660 people attended the opening ceremony. The conference was organized by Tsukuba University's  Special Support School for the Deaf located in the city. 

Princess Kiko gave a greeting speech signing at the same time, "It's expected that children are increasing each possibilities in the better environment which would link to a social involvement." (photo)

Class lesson observations, a keynote speech, study subcommittees and others are opened until October 14.

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