Former US senator lectures on disability law in Okayama

September 30, 2016

The lecture with a retired US senator Tom Harkin, 76, was held at Okayama University in Okayama-shi located in western Japan on September 30. (photo)

He drafted the Americans with Disabilities Act which was a basis of the Person with Disabilities Discrimination Removal Law carried out in April this year in Japan.

About ADA, Harkin stated that through his experiences with his Deaf brother and his nephew who became a wheelchair person after car accident, he thought to seek correspondence in detail, such as not only prohibiting discrimination but also canceling a ramp on the road, etc. 

In response to a question on how to strengthen the Person with Disabilities Discrimination Removal Law further, Harkin advised, "Could you ask a person concerned with a disability by all means?" 

About 100 students, welfare facility staff and administrative persons concerned attend the lecture meeting.

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