Event: the world of the noh farce through sign language

October 21, 2016

The event to enjoy "noh farce in sign language will be held at the Kita Noh Stage in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo on October 21. The 'Kyogen' (a comic play) will be performed by Deaf actors along with interpreting in the event.

The Kita-Style, one of the Noh groups which is a Japanese traditional entertainment, planned it in order for Deaf persons to enjoy a classic art.

The "Japan Theatre of the Deaf," a theatrical group managed by the Totto Fund which actress Kuroyanagi Tetsuko established, performs signed 'Kyogen'. 

This is a typical program of the theatre group, and it has earned high evaluations domestic and abroad. Because there is a performer who uses spoken language from a stage wing, too, even though you don't know sign language, you will enjoy it.


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