Second year after Ontake-san eruption: remembering Deaf parents

September 16, 2016

Two years will pass on September 27 since an eruption in Ontake-san (sitting on the border of Nagano and Gifu Prefectures), which took 58 people dead and 5 missing persons.

A deaf couple, Ioka Tetsuya and his wife Hiromi from Kofu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, were among the dead climbers. Their hearing son Sho was a second year student of the Prefectural Kofu Industrial High School then.

The body of his  mother Hiromi was found as a result of the search, and it was ten months later in July, 2015 when his father Tetsuya was found.

Their son Sho got over the grief from loss of his Deaf parents and went to Shibaura Institute of Technology in April this year. 

"I will live longer to always remember them." He dreams of the technical development to make a Deaf person live comfortably, concentrating on study every day.

His parents were buried in a cemetery in Kofu-shi where overviews Mt. Fuji. Sho chose the place for his parents who loved climbing

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