Movie by Deaf director on cycling experience through Japan to be shown

August 31, 2016
Imamura Ayako, 37, the movie director who resides in Nagoya-shi, filmed about her own experience in cycling through Japan. The movie titled "The Start Line" will be shown in Shinjuku, Tokyo on September 3.

A theme of her travel which lasted for 57 days is about  "a communication". Imamura was confronted with the biggest problem for herself taking the deaths of her mother and grandfather.

Imamura started travel by cycling from Okinawa Prefecture, Japan's southern island, in July, 2015. She visited only old Deaf persons at first. Even if she came across the cyclist who burst, she hesitated at conversation and passed him.

In Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, Imamura got to know a Deaf Australian man who could not understand Japanese. He talked to local people and enjoyed the communication while cycling through Japan.

Imamura felt, "The Australian has a feeling that he wants to talk with people first. It is all right for me to talk with people when I feel like to, not necessary to try to communicate hard."

"I have made a movie that has kept asking the viewers for understanding about Deaf people one-sidedly. I am in the blank state through the cycling tour. This is the start line for me." 

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