Interpreting service provided for UNESCO World Heritage spot in Gunma Prefecture

September 10, 2016
Tomioka-shi in Gunma Prefecture and others have begun the business to dispatch a sign language interpreter to Tomioka Silk Mill which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

The interpreting service at a tourist spot is also unusual nationwide, and the spread of such a service across the country is expected.

At Tomioka Silk Mill built in 1872, in front of the old depot of a cocoon, what the guide explained was interpreted into sign language for a Deaf group at the beginning of September.

One person of the group said, "I visited here the fifth time. Thanks to interpreting I was happy I understood very well."

When a reservation is made one month ahead of the tour, an interpreter will be sent from the Gunma Prefecture Federation of the Deaf.

It was the "Sign Language Regulation" carried out in Gunma Prefecture in April, 2015 which made the opportunity for the interpreting service for Deaf visitors.

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