Event to be held on problems of the Deaf in relation to earthquake

September 6, 2016

The event to discuss problems caused by Kumamoto Earthquake occurred in April from a point of Deaf view will be held at Kumamoto Prefecture School for the Deaf in Kumamoto-shi on September 18-19. 

The Deaf persons will report their own experiences caused by the natural disaster. The participants, Deaf and hearing, will discuss and exchange opinions on how to improve the points at the time of disaster.

At the event, organized by the Kumamoto Earthquake Deaf Support Head Office, the head of the Hyogo Prefecture Deaf Information Center which supported the Deaf community who suffered from the Great Hanshin Earthquake will give a lecture. 

The advisers, the doctors and the nurses who can use sign language stand by and give counseling service including medical treatment to relieve anxiety at the meeting place, and also law consultation will be offered by a lawyer.

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