Evacuation drill for persons with disabilities

September 1, 2016

Akashi-shi Social Welfare Council in Hyogo Prefecture near Osaka put the fire fighting practice with senior citizens and persons with disabilities who need support at the Municipal Welfare Center on August 31.

About 150 persons in need of support, and staff participated in the practice: the persons with wheel got help when escaping from the second floor using a slide (photo); the Deaf group 
were led by a staff carrying the standingly-orange-colored flag which says, "Leave for shelter! Follow me!"

Akashi-shi Office carried out "the regulation on the register for the people in need of help during emergency" aiming at safety ensuring of people who need support at the time of a disaster, on September 1.  

Japanese Source:

In Japan, September 1 is Disaster Prevention Day (防災の日 bousai no hi?). This day commemorates the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake and is a day on which disaster preparations are taken nationwide, especially in the Kantō region including Tokyo.

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