Deaf woodcarver to be awarded cultural prize

September 7, 2016

Kushiro-shi School Board in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, announced on September 6 that it elected two persons, a hearing woman aged 93 professing in a tea ceremony,  and Takiguchi Masamitsu, 75, a Deaf woodcarver as the Kushiro-shi Cultural Prize recipients this year for their respective contribution to cultural promotion in the city. 

The awards ceremony is being adjusted by leading with November 3, the Culture Day. The cultural prize was established in 1955, and 47 individuals and 11 groups were awarded by the previous fiscal year (March, 2015).

Takiguchi was born in Manchuria Mukden, currently in China,  and lost hearing due to a high fever by pneumonia in 1944. After graduating from University of Tsukuba School for the Deaf High School in Ishikawa near Tokyo, he moved to Akankoonsen in Hokkaido in 1967. He was estimated as a woodcarver such as he produced a Blakiston's fish owl, the wooden ritualistic implements the Ainu race uses in a ceremony and others. 

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