Restaurant manager who refused Deaf person's request for reservation apologies

July 30, 2016

A Deaf person who lives in Shiga Prefecture near Kyoto wanted to have a dinner with his friends on May 21 at a restaurant in Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, so he made a reservation by fax on May 9.

The Deaf person received a fax from the restaurant manager the next day, May 10. He replied, "We don't have any staff who can sign, and it is impossible to serve you by means of writing. When there is no interpreter with you, we are sorry not to accept your reservation."

The Deaf person came to the Shiga Prefecture Association of the Deaf for advice, saying he was discriminated by the restaurant because of deafness.  

The association protested against the restaurant through Hyogo Prefecture Association of the Deaf near Osaka, etc.  

The restaurant manager explained and apologized. "The eating and drinking is limited within 90 minutes, which makes service difficult by means of writing. We didn't know how to meet the needs of the Deaf person at our place and declined his request. We are sorry about it."

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