Reactions to news on restaurant that apologized for rejecting Deaf person's reservation

August 1, 2016

It was reported recently about a restaurant in Amagasaki-shi that declined a Deaf person's request for reservation because of deafness, which led a Deaf association protested to make the restaurant manager apologized. (See the previous blog)

The public relations of the company headquarters for the chain stores has dealt with such problem carefully earlier than the establishment of the law of  a person with disabilities discrimination personal, and has conferred separately as far as possible. So the customer management of this restaurant was against the company policy, and they apologized. 
However, protection on the restaurant and criticism to the Deaf association were on the Internet after the news run.

Reactions from the readers:
"Because the restaurant isn't "a volunteer," it has the right to choose a customer indeed. Moreover the manager said it was impossible to do what was asked for this time."

"It's necessary to consider a way for a disability bears, but because this case will ask overdone "special treatment," which causes discrimination. It's also better for the Deaf group to study how to make a protest properly."

"When there is something, people usually make noise about discrimination, which causes a problem immediately, and there even is a case which side is discriminated against the other, which is not clear consequently."

The Shiga Prefecture Center of the Deaf which supports the Deaf community says disappointedly, "A very regrettable thing. If declined, the Deaf person will be unable to have a conversation by writing, and can't go anywhere. Though we're working hard to raise the status of the person with disabilities to remove discrimination as much as possible...."

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