Prefecture helps workshops on sign language and note taking

August 23, 2016

Gunma Prefecture next to Tokyo has carried out its Sign Language regulation since April, 2015. To arrange the environment to make accessible with a Deaf/deaf person, the prefecture has begun the project for a workshop on sign language and note taking, respectively in August. The prefecture is the first autonomous body to conduct it.

Many Deaf/deaf persons who have been worried about lack of a sign language interpreter and a note taker in the prefecture welcome the move by the prefecture.

There are about 6,100 Deaf/deaf persons aged 18 and older who carry the disability card current as of March, 2015 in the prefecture. Meanwhile, there are only 104 interpreters, including nationally certified interpreters, and 66 note takers, both registered with the Prefecture. 

The Prefecture Federation of the Deaf says, "Among the interpreters and the note takers registered, about 30 percent are available for the weekday daytime actually."

The target enterprises of the Prefecture support includes an enterprise, a social welfare corporation, a non-profit organization corporation and others.

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