National high school summer baseball tournament: former Deaf player deeply impressed

August 12, 2016

At Koshien in Hyogo Prefecture, the National High School Summer Baseball Tournament was held. On August 12, the 6th day of the tournament, Jinseigakuen from Kagawa Prefecture was defeated by Sakushigakuin from Tochigi Prefecture by 0−3.

Nagao Takashi, 54, a former baseball team member of Jinseigakuen, watched a majestic figure of the team from the stands of Koshen. The team played for the first time after nine years.

Nagao, born deaf, was the young baseball player who played actively as a left fielder for this strong contestant school and dreamed of playing at Koshien.

After attending a school for the deaf for one year, he transferred to a local elementary school. He became interested in baseball since a junior high school, and entered Jinseigakuen which accepted a student with hearing impairment. 

Baseball team members in those days were about 100 and it was hard to get the regular position in the team. "Anyway I looked around, and decided to follow a ball faster than everyone." Nagao continued practice and won the position ranked the number two and the left fielder.

His team participated in the Kagawa Prefecture tournament and was ranked in the eight place, so Nagao was unable to realize his dream to play at Koshien. 

After graduating, Nagao continued playing baseball. He was the coach of the Japanese team for the Second International Deaf Baseball Championship which was held in Cuba in 2003. 

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