Deaf man challenges to get qualified as balloon pilot

August 22, 2016

A Deaf office worker in Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture located in Japan's southern island, Miyamoto Yasuhiro, 32, is aiming at a pilot of a balloon. (photo)

He has longed for the balloon which floats on the sky since he had seen when aged about five. Miyamoto was at last admitted to a balloon club two years ago.

The test to get a pilot license is a big checkpoint. The solo flight is not easy for an examinees to communicate with people on the ground through a radio by himself. Miyamoto has continued the unprecedented challenge with persons concerned and others how to use the audio information during the flight.

Even without disability, it takes about three years in acquiring a pilot license. Miyamoto says, "I will accomplish it in three years as much as possible. Even if not in time, I won't give up." His dream has been for 27 years.


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