Aichi Governor to introduce linguistic regulation to assembly including use of sign language, braille

August 8, 2016

Aichi Prefecture Governor Omura Hidenori has decided to propose a "language regulation bill" to the prefecture assembly regular meeting in September. The bill is to promote the use of various communication tools according to special needs of the person with disabilities such as braille, note taking beside sign language.

It is the first time for establishment of the linguistic regulation into which a target is expanded widely besides the sign language at level of prefectures, towns and villages.

The accurate dissemination of information to a person with disabilities is made by the time of a large-scale disaster such as Nankai-trough disastrous earthquakes, which is a problem for the governor. The bill proposal was based on an opinion from groups of persons with disabilities, after Governor judged that correspondence according to the respective special disabilities was necessary.

Eight prefectures including Tottori, Mie and Nagano, have established a Sign Language regulation since 2013. Governor Omura participated in July this year in the "meeting of the governors to spread sign language." Three cities such as Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, have a linguistic regulation including  note taking, braille and other.

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