Upper House Election:Voting environment fails the needs of persons with disabilities

July 5, 2016

Voting situations for persons who are visually impaired and Deaf/deaf persons have not been improved completely for an Upper House Election (vote counting on July 10).

There is a problem that no arrangement of interpreters at a polling place for a Deaf person. It's a little less than 20 percent out of 6,256 Deaf persons with a handbook and understood sign language in Miyagi-ken, part of northeastern Japan. 

Even if they would like to know candidate's appeal, most of time there is no interpreter available on a street where a candidate makes oratory or speech. 

The Prefecture Information Center on Deafness points out, "More person by aging as well as a disability is increasing. While aging of the whole society is developed, support needs are expanding, political correspondence is immediately needed."

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