National High School Sign Language Contest advertised on electronic ad
July 20, 2016

Tottori Prefecture is developing electronic sign advertisement at the Japan Railroad's five stations in both prefectures, Tottori and Shimane, in order to advertise "the Third National High School Sign Language Contest" on September 25.

It's shown to a display at each station, one time at least for five minutes, and the advertisement is repeated for 15 seconds. (picture)

The video will be renewed at any time until September 25 when the contest starts.

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A participation application of the National high school sign language contest" was closed. 

61 teams (65 schools) from 30 prefectures applied this year, more than 47 teams (50 schools) from 22 prefectures last year. 

Out of the them, 30 teams (32 schools) newly applied this year.

Tottori Prefecture Disability and Welfare Department officials   which accepted an application, remarked: "The national contest is being made well-known nationwide. It's the evidence by which many high school students feel charm in sign language and a sign language performance."

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