Deaf body border becomes noodle shop owner

July 17, 2016

Tosaka Yumi, 42, a retired professional body border, also plies to a sea in Chiba next to Tokyo on a regular day off in the "Chitose Hermitage," a noodle shop. (photo)

It was when she was two years old, she was found out that she was hearing impaired. Her parents were busy with a noodle shop  business in Tokyo, and it was grandfather that noticed her strange state.

Yumi was spited since time of the nursery school and hated to talk with anyone, but she acquired the "lipreading" skill. She met a body-board at the age of 18 and was absorbed in the sport, becoming a professional in the world rank later.

However, Yumi's life changed about two years and a half ago. Her father told her that he would close the noodle shop that her grandfather started and continued for more than 50 years because of father's advanced age.
Yumi and her parents

Yumi became the third owner of the Chitose Hermitage earlier than a schedule. Currently she holds classes of yoga and knitted goods with a friend as a lecturer after having remodeled the 3rd floor of the shop, Also she keeps teaching a body-board to Fukushima's children hit by the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake, at a sea in Chiba.

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