Prefecture education board starts mock election for special support schoo
June 14, 2016

Those who are 18 years old or elder are allowed to vote for the first time at an Upper House Election in July this year. 

The Kanagawa Prefecture Education Board has begun the mock election for the students of two special support high schools to learn importance of the election .

Work and study through the mock election was held on June 10 at the Prefecture Hiratsuka School for the Deaf (Hiratsuka-shi). In the class a teacher spoke how important to vote by sign language to about 40 Deaf students. (photo)

"Please think carefully to choose a representative. It is important for you to know that your voting will lead to changing society."

The students compared the speech of each candidate through interpreting and casted one vote in a ballot box.

The senior student who took the lesson, "I will be 18 years old soon, so I thought I had to be responsible for politics. There is little information for a Deaf, so, I'd like to read a newspaper and the Internet to learn more about election." 

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