Movie "LISTEN" viewed with ear plugs to feel Deaf music
June 5, 2016

An art documentary by a Deaf group titled "LISTEN" (running for 58 minutes) is shown at a theater "UPLINK" in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. 

In the movie 15 Deaf persons express music by movement of hands and body, and facial expression. (photo)

Despite the movie without sounds, a pair of ear plugs is distributed to an audience before showing.

Makihara (right) and Dagei

Directors, Makihara Eri, 29, and Dagei, 45, both Deaf, usually communicate in sign language in the silent world. They explained, "We reduced the tone against which clothes rub and the tone of the air conditioning also as much as possible. We would like the viewer to see the place where there is no sound."

The movie does not have any clear story. However, it asks if "there is also existence like "music" in the Deaf world originally."

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