Legislation to disseminate information in sign language discussed at National Conference of the Deaf

A ceremony of the 64th National Conference of the Deaf  aiming at the social status of the Deaf person and improvement of welfare, sponsored by Japanese Federation of the Deaf was held in Tokushima-shi in western Japan on June 12. (photo)

About 2,200 people participated from the whole country and adopted the resolution that dissemination of information in sign language is asked to an autonomous body.

Ishino Fushisaburo, chief director of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, spoke to the participants: "A person with disabilities and a senior citizen are to suffer damage first at the time of a disaster. Let's aim at the social realization in which no one is left."

Among the ten items of the adopted resolution:
- Sign language is admitted as a language and the legislation of "Sign Language Ordinance" which requires dissemination of information in sign language of an autonomous body is achieved.
- Plan for disaster area support of the 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and reinforcement of a protection system against disasters.
- Demand the right of Deaf children to get education in sign language, etc.

There were also study subcommittee meetings and a meet-the-people session in the city before the ceremony took place.

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