Deafened female shop assistant works at clothing store

June 4, 2016

Fast retailing which develops a clothing store "UNIQLO" has hired a person with disabilities at "more than 1 1 stores" as a target since 2001. About 1,250 persons with disabilities work for the store nationwide now. The Personal Division staff said, "There are various people in society. It's natural they also work together at workplace."

The deafened female, 34, who lives in Tokyo, had tried to get a job, and every time when she had a job interview and told the telephone communication was impossible, so she was declined.

At such time "UNIQLO" decided to employ her because of her smiling face. When she sometimes made a guest scold, and was worried, offering retirement to her boss, who encouraged her to keep on working.

She put on the badge in a chest, on which she wrote "I am hard of hearing. Please speak clearly and slowly. I understand sign language." It has been 13 years since she started a job. She says, "I am fortunate to keep a job because of my coworkers' help and understanding."  

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