Deafblind para triathlete achieves the whole distance with help from team

June 18, 2016
Nakada (left) and her guide

A para triathlete Nakada Suzuko, 49, a Kyoto resident, was the only Japanese Deafblind athlete completed in Yokohama Para Triathlon" event held on May 15. She achieved the whole distance, continuously for two years. (photo)

"Yokohama Para Triathlon" is the domestic meeting held simultaneously with the World Triathlon Series Yokohama Meeting, and triathletes with disabilities gather from the whole country.

Nakada was perfectly Deaf, and has a poor sight, only she can see a face of a partner in one meter away. She competed in the visual impairment class and did everything, swim, bicycle and run, along with a "guide".

A wave was in bad condition, but Nakada finished in an hour, 52 minutes and 16 seconds; the record was about 4 minute faster  than last year.

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