Deaf students demand sign language training for new teachers

June 11, 2016

Students of Kyoto Prefecture School for the Deaf (Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi) are asking implementation of good sign language training beforehand for a newly-hired teacher.

They are complaining, "We have a hard time to communicate with a teacher who can't use sign language well, and sometimes we are unable to understand what is about in the class." This is also a problem nationwide.

Kyoto Prefecture School has a sign language class for 30 minutes once a week for the teachers, and most of them learn sign language almost personally. But it's fact that the level of the signing skill varies among the teachers.

The student and alumni have formed a group named "Dawn of the DEAF" and begun signature activity. They will pressures the Prefecture into requirement of the preliminary training for a newly-hired teacher in order to make sure that get good standard of the use of sign language.

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