Deaf mountaineer who achieved reaching Everest meets press

The Deaf mountaineer, Tamura Satoshi, 51, who succeeded in reaching the summit in world highest peak Everest in May, held a press conference in Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, his home town on June 8. (picture)

Through interpreting he explained, "Mountains around Everest looked low, and a sea of cloud was mysterious." He told that he wanted to tell a person with disabilities, "You can find the way by the courage and an effort through mountaineering."

Japan Mountaineering Association said they don't know an overseas case. However, they assumed Tamura is the first Deaf mountaineer in Japan to reach Everest. 

It was the third time for Tamura to challenge Everest. In the past twice times preventing him from climb because of strong wind and an earthquake, giving up reaching the summit. This time, too, a mask of an oxygen bomb broke down, and so headache disturbed him on the way reaching the summit.

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