Company makes Deaf workers business power by long employment

Zamami Cardboard Box, the company which produces corrugated cardboard paper in Itoman-shi, Okinawa Prefecture located in Japan's southern island, is putting the emphasis on long employment of persons with disabilities.

At present total of eight people including Deaf workers take charge of pasting corrugated cardboard paper, digging, inspecting, piling up and working in the factory. The length of the employment exceeds 15 years, the longest.

The Deaf employee can sort a defective product out in an instant with a good sight. (photo)

The company holds a weekly meeting with an interpreter, hearing the worries about work and a problem for improvement. There is a white board at the places in the factory, which helps the employees, both Deaf and hearing, communicate better by writing.

The president guarantees, "The Deaf person works carefully and perseveres well, and so it's the part of the fighting force sufficiently at a site of manufacturing."

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