Kumamoto Earthquake: Students perform calligraphy and sign language song

May 7, 2016

The calligraphy club of Iwate High School for Girls and the Junior Red Cross Active Club in Morioka-shi, Iwate Prefecture, a part of northeastern Japan performed handwriting and song in sign language together at Morioka Odori shopping area on May 3, wishing for recovery from the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake and others (photo).

The shoppers stopped walking on the route, were gazing at an appeal by talking with the fingers and brush work.

The performance has been held every year since 2011 when the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake happened. This year 20 calligraphy club members and 21 students from the Active Club participated.

To support the victims of the recent Kumamoto Earthquake, the students also did a fund-raising campaign after the performance.

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