First Deaf man acquires bus driving license

April 26, 2016

A Deaf office worker Murakami Tatsuya (photo), 36, of Kyoto took the first licence nationwide after the acquisition condition of the large second class license that allows to work as a bus driver was eased.

Around six months old, he lose hearing because of whooping cough. Without a hearing aid, it is difficult for him to hear or communicate.

He passed one shot by a test on April 1 when the traffic law of revision road enforcement regulations were carried out.

Murakami says that he aims at becoming a bus driver, his boyhood dream. 
It's necessary to change the occupation in order to become a bus driver before turning 39 years old. Murakami has only three years to get the job. There is also a daily communication issue for him. He said, "I will never give up. I'd like to see my dream come true to inspire other persons with disabilities."

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