Deaf baseball catcher's story (1)

May 8, 2016
Tamada Hiro talks through writing with 
an American football club member during 
new members recruiting at a campus.

Deaf High School Catcher admitted to college

Tamada Hiro from Tokyo Metropolitan Omori High School was the topic of conversation as a Deaf catcher at the High School Baseball Tournament in Eastern Tokyo last summer. He entered Obirin University in Machida-shi in Tokyo this April.

There is no special support such as interpreting at the university. He, whose natural language is Japanese Sign Language, is positively doing in order to understand the lecture without help.

When Tamada spoke to the hearing student who sat down on the next by talking with the fingers and writing, the student asked him if he still play baseball. Tamada was surprised and then remembered who the student was from his tanned face. The hearing student was a pitcher on the opposite team at the fourth game in Kanto area last summer.

The first thing to do for Tamada after the entrance to the university is the start-up of a note taking group. He has already decided he would form a group by himself before the entrance. 

The English professor, aware of the information needs of Tamada in the class, lectures with the use of a projector for his lecture.

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