Deaf boy passes test for prospective sumo wrestlers

April 28, 2016
With a hearing aid on for a 
prospective sumo wrestlers test

A test for prospective sumo wrestlers of Summer Grand Sumo Tournament (starts on May 8 at Ryogkoku Kokugikan in Tokyo) was performed at a sumo wrestling medical office on April 27. 

Twelve boys all who took the test passed a physique check. One of them, Ezuka Kaoru, 16, is deaf since birth was admitted to a sumo society. 

He spoke about his decision, "I'd like to exert myself in order to become a ranking sumo wrestler within ten years." 

He has continued wrestling at the local club in Shizuoka Prefecture, his hometown, and also has the good record of performance; he won the victory at a local sumo wrestling tournament in 2012 when he was a junior high school student.

Japanese sources

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