Cafe that uses eyes for mutual communication

May 6, 2016

Yanagi Masahiro, 43, a Deaf owner, opened the first cafe "Sign with Me" at Bunkyo-ku in Tokyo near Tokyo municipal subway Hongo-sanchome Station in December, 2011. The cafe was a business model developed by signing persons.
The second cafe has just opened in April, 2016 near Tokyo municipal subway Kasuga Station in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

Total of 12 staff work using sign language at the Kasuga branch, too. When a visitor communicates with the staff, they use sign language or gestures, or writing by a tablet equipped by the cafe in order to communicate each other.

The logo of "Sign with Me," the Cafe's name contains an illustration of an "eye". Yangagi explains the reason, "We use the eyes for communication simply." Can you find it in the logo?

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